A proud Heritage, a Positive future and a Relentless commitment of quality

Our success is driven by a combination of factors with our dedicated team under the leadership of our supportive board and visionary management. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure includes incorporating centralized farms, advanced processing plants and our talent for innovation reinforced by world-class marketing and distribution expertise.

As a company, we have always been proud of our readiness to drive change and of being a leader in developing novel approaches, ideas and products. Sustainability complements our focus on quality, helping us to drive better practices in how we operate across every aspect of our business. By developing an active and comprehensive approach to sustainability management, we have put in place a firm foundation that will help us translate this belief into action.

Diversifying success

Our growth strategy encompasses diversification through Innovation, Geographical expansion and Organic growth.
Quality first, Quality always...

We continue to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding domestic market. Despite of the changes our business has undergone, one thing will never alter is determination to stay faithful to its founding principle by producing quality you can trust.

Our Quality and Product development division has embedded this principle firmly into the way we manage our business. The division is dedicated to ensure that the growing size and complexity of our business never compromises the quality of our products or our talent for innovation. Its purpose is to keep our quality promise by shaping world-class product development processes that produce world-class products.

Healthy Life owns most of the supply chain points from feed production and importing to manufacturing, packaging and distribution which enables all stages of product development to be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure food safety and quality. Healthy Life's Laboratories conduct quality tests on products.

Healthy Life continues to implement the highest food safety standards across all sectors by applying the Food Safety Management System.

Healthy Life's core philosophy is commitment towards providing excellent quality.

Healthy Life constantly seeks to provide its consumers with high-quality products by implement the highest industry standards in every aspect of its operations; and to enhance the brand by building a very advanced infrastructure for production, marketing and distribution.

Healthy Life has grown through carefully planned investment to become the India's first vertically integrated dairy company and the region's largest producer and distributor of food and drink. Healthy Life are market leaders in India and wider regional markets.

Over the years, Healthy Life has diversified its production to enter into juices, bakery, and infant food sector, to become a fully integrated company with regional and market.

within this widespread diversification and expansion, quality is always the founding principle which is upholding Healthy Life's commitment towards achieving the highest standards and justifying its motto with the quality you can trust.



We are agile and flexible in our work, confidently taking bold decisions that benefit our stakeholders.


We work together as one, openly collaborating and sharing skills & knowledge to enable our people to be the best.


We are proud of the work we do, and strive for exceptional results.


We are driven to improve our business everyday and to maximize the creative potential of our people.


We earn respect by embracing fairness, trust and integrity in all our relationships.


We are diligent in our work and consistently deliver the best quality in everything we do.

Positive future

We continue to invest intensively in technologically advanced production facilities while recruiting high-caliber people with the skills and experience to optimize their performance.

Innovation is a strategy for growth
Healthy Life dynamic business process supports growth